Our Mission

At ‘Stewarts’ our aim is to get more people drinking better coffee. You won’t believe how simple it is to have such a great pleasure.  70% of you out there are still drinking instant coffee and not experiencing coffee at its best.

Our simple approach to coffee means you don’t need to be a trained barista, have the latest coffee gadgets or an expensive espresso machine to enjoy it. The first step is to buy a freshly roasted bag of coffee, dust off the cafetiere/filter machine in the back of the cupboard and get started. You won’t believe the difference between coffee from the supermarket and the bag arriving at your door.

We roast and pack the coffee beans from our Roastery in Nottingham and deliver direct to you.  Our coffees have been inspired by our own experiences and reflect the things we enjoy doing, so whether you pick the ‘Sunset Espresso’ or ‘The Road Trip….’. we want you to know, that they are great coffees we love. The tasting notes are simple too, so decide what sounds good and buy!

If you like it, you can sign up for a ‘simple’ subscription, receive coffee weekly or monthly, change your coffee, skip or cancel at anytime

Life’s to short for a bad cup of coffee. We just want you to…..Enjoy!

Who We Are

Nathan Barton

Caffeine, any which way

Mark Whittaker
Commercial Sales Manager

Insists on his latte in a glass

Monika Häfeli Barton
Graphic Designer

With a couple of brownie bites

Our History

In 1984 Stewart Falconer imported a 1978 small batch Probat GN-12 coffee roaster, built in Germany. He stuck it in his restaurant in the centre of Nottingham where he would hand-roast his coffee and serve it to his lucky patrons. Stewart was always 30 years ahead of his time, obsessed with getting great products and matching it with great marketing.

As he progressed, he started a mail order service – telephones and letters were all the rage back then! Obviously, now things have moved on and we are into ‘one-click’ purchases.

In 2013, as Stewart was considering slowing down he invited us to take on his company and, with his guidance, we looked to take his love of great, fresh coffee and bring it to a larger audience. We now have plenty of hotels, cafes and restaurants who are helping spread the word on great coffee. Plus, there are plenty of ‘home baristas’ receiving and enjoying coffee from us on a monthly basis.

In 2015, we sadly lost Stewart, but we like to think he’s left a good bunch in charge. It is currently the four of us continuing his good work, focusing on great product and communicating with our customers the importance of enjoying quality coffee.

And we still have the Probat GN-12 on site in full working order, purchased all those years ago to lovingly, hand-roast your coffee…

Our Coffee

We use green coffee beans (the unroasted kind) which are traceable back to the farmer or the cooperative and we are registered with the Fairtrade Organisation and Soil Association.

Our coffees are categorised as ‘Single Origins’ or ‘Blends’. The Single Origins are coffees that come from one place, one farm or one region. The blends are a mixture of 2 or 3 coffees that we think work together, creating a unique coffee in your cup.