Café Bombón

Café Bombón

We’re back over at Blend trying out a new recipe for our around the world blog series. This week we’re making a recipe from Spain, the Café Bombón.

Spain is a European country that is believed to have been drinking coffee religiously since the 1700’s when King Philip V bought it over. Spaniards typically love coffee, and love sweets, so naturally this popular drink was created. It originated from Valencia, Spain and is called the cafe bonbon as it is sweet and rich tasting. It is often had at the end of a meal as a desert alternative!

This indulgent treat is made focused on two elements; the strong, rich coffee, and the sweet, creamy condensed milk.

To make yourself a Café Bombón you will need:

  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Coffee – one double espresso per serving (we used the Sunset Espresso)
    Alternatively, if you are using a French press to brew your coffee, make up enough for 50ml of coffee per serving
  • Milk – whole milk is best as the higher fat content helps it become very foamy!
  • Ground cinnamon

The method:

  1. Pour 35ml of the condensed milk in the bottom of a glass (we used an 6oz glass, for reference)
  2. Slowly add 50ml of coffee using your preferred method, we used a double espresso shot straight from the machine – the layers will naturally be separated until stirred
  3. Steam a small jug of milk so it is nice and foamy- if you don’t have a milk steamer at home, don’t worry you can create foam by slowly heating milk on the hob whilst whisking, and taking out the foam as it forms
  4. Then spoon the foam over the coffee to fill the glass, sprinkle with cinnamon and serve!

café bombón condensed milk

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