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Norwich’s Specialty Coffee Scene

Norwich’s Specialty Coffee Scene By Aaron Pritty Originally born in Norwich, Aaron is a University student studying Economics with International Trade and Development, at Nottingham Trent University. He is currently on an Industrial Placement Year with us at Stewarts, after working part-time as a Barista at Blend to help fund his first two years. Aaron […]

The Ultimate Coffee Shop Facebook Page Set Up Guide

Do you have the best set up to drive people into your business from your Facebook page? You’ve definitely got a page…it’s 2016 who doesn’t have a Facebook business page? In this guide I am going to try and cover all of the best practices and opportunities that having a Facebook Page presents and how […]

Guide: Instagram For Your Coffee Business

300 million active users 70 million photos created and shared per day 85% of top brands actively using Instagram Instagram ad spent to hit nearly $3 billion by 2017 This platform is no longer about teens taking pics of their dinners and engagement rings…this guys has become one of the most important places to advertise […]

Take Away Coffee Is Easy Money For Your Business. Are you doing it right?


Are you leaving between £13k and £39k per year on the table by missing out on take away coffee? We know take away coffee is where a huge profit opportunity lies. Increasing turnover from people coming in to buy a coffee, then disappearing again is a great way to sell a lot of coffee, get your brand […]

Get to know your customers with this one simple trick

When asked the question “Do you know your customers?” what do you say? Do you also have that awkward shrugging movement that I see time and time again? Not just in the hospitality sector – but ESPECIALLY in the hospitality sector. You have so many different people in your restaurant/coffee shop/hotel/pub how could you even begin to […]

January – Monthly Marketing Tips

£0.001 per impression That’s how much we paid during a ‘Local Awareness’ ad on Facebook towards the end of last year. For just £5 we reached 3,385 people based just 1 mile away from our Pop-Up Coffee Shop in the centre of Nottingham. These are relatively new adverts that are designed to do just one […]

How Easy Is It To Change Coffee Supplier?

How easy is it actually to go on the mission to change coffee supplier? It’s easy!!! I can’t stress this enough. Easy!! As commercial sales manager of Stewarts coffees, my only aim is to offer your customers the best possible coffee experience they can have. In my mind’s eye, I can see the look of […]

Smart People Invest In Training

There’s a lovely gastro-pub/bar/deli/fine-dining restaurant opening up tomorrow. The newly recruited staff, standing to attention in freshly ironed aprons, have been trained to degree-level in operating the till system, mixing the perfect martini and smiling to all and sundry. But hey, no-one’s show them how to use that stylish, shiny bit of money-making technology sitting […]