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New Years Resolutions

New Year – New Resolution(s) Sitting with friends having a general conversation about 2016 and plans and resolutions for 2017, one of the group mentioned she wanted to drink better coffee in 2017. Now that’s music to my ears; a couple of suggestions from me regards an awesome Nottingham based coffee roaster that I happen […]

Coffee Of The Month: Sumatra, White Ascher

December Coffee Of The Month is the delightful White Ascher from Sumatra. In your cup you can expect a lot of traditional Indonesian flavours. Earth, spice and a very natural coffee taste. Why is this? Coffee produced in the region of Sumatra is typically processed using a method called ‘wet-hulling’ and what that does is […]

How To: V60

How to use a what? …..A V60, come on get with it, you must have a v60 sitting alongside your Chemex, Kone, Bee House and Kalita Wave? How else do you ‘pour over’ and make your morning coffee? Ok, i’m being unfair throwing all these names of different gadgets at you, especially as i’m a […]