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Trust The Process

Trust The Process Washed Vs Natural Coffee Processing To Wash or not to Wash? That Is The Question We’re not talking about showers, we’ll have you know that our personal hygiene here at Stewarts is second to none. We’re talking beans, more specifically bean processing methods.  The coffee industry nowadays is awash (pardon the pun) […]

Pour Your Heart Out

Pour Your Heart Out In defence of bad latte art You know that sense of pride and accomplishment you get when you seamlessly extract your espresso, steam your milk to perfection, tilt your cup; then without any thought, pour a beautiful, delicate, perfectly symmetrical rosetta.  No?  Me neither.  You know why? Because I can’t do […]

The Battle Of The Beans

Single Origin vs Blends Single Origins Vs Blends, which one is right for you? Some people like to say that you can’t beat the strong acidity and intense aromas that come with a single origin coffee… Others may argue that there is no match for the consistent flavour profile of a blend. It’s a feud that’s […]

How Conscious Is Your Cup?

We all love a cup of coffee. You wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t, would you? Whether you like it dark and smoky, or light and fruity, I think we can all agree that coffee is an integral part of our daily rituals. It certainly is for us here at Stewarts. With our […]

Norwich’s Specialty Coffee Scene

Norwich’s Specialty Coffee Scene By Aaron Pritty Originally born in Norwich, Aaron is a University student studying Economics with International Trade and Development, at Nottingham Trent University. He is currently on an Industrial Placement Year with us at Stewarts, after working part-time as a Barista at Blend to help fund his first two years. Aaron […]