How easy is it actually to go on the mission to change coffee supplier?

It’s easy!!! I can’t stress this enough. Easy!!

As commercial sales manager of Stewarts coffees, my only aim is to offer your customers the best possible coffee experience they can have. In my mind’s eye, I can see the look of bliss on their faces, watching their stressed bodies relax into that armchair as the first sip of creamy latte hits their tastebuds.

I also have the idyllic image of bouncing joyously through your front door with a box full of freshly roasted loveliness, to be sent on my merry way with a grateful smile and perhaps a warm pastry.

Unfortunately, this scenario does not always come to fruition. .

Why not? Because sometimes it’s just too much hassle to change coffee suppliers.

You’ve been (bean?) with the same supplier for ages now. You’ve never met him (her? It?). You’ve never visited the roaster to see where your coffee is lovingly crafted. You’ve never had the benefit of barista training from the guy who’s happily accepting your money. You’re used to sending incorrect orders back, or trying to smooth out crushed boxes of beans left in your doorway overnight. Janet does the ordering and she might not get her head around phoning someone different.  Heck, you don’t really even like the coffee you’ve got – but your customers don’t like change (whoops – that’s a whole separate blog..) so you might as well stick with it. You’ve even got a “Luigi’s Caffe Napoli” sticker on your window which would be a nightmare to get off.

So – better the devil you know, right? Right?

Wrong! Here is the Stewarts of Trent Bridge 3 point guide to changing coffee suppliers:

1 – Smile and proclaim loudly  “I say yes to freshly roasted, quality coffee”

2 – Empty hopper of old beans, replace with new (Stewarts) beans

3 – Enjoy the benefits of a wonderful new relationship with a coffee partner who cares

Sure, there may have to be some slight elaboration on the above – you may have 2 pallets of the old stuff in the back room. You could crush these beans with a large mallet and sprinkle them around your roses. Slugs don’t like ‘em…(did your customers??)

And that sticker will come off easily if you’ve got a half decent thumbnail.

But apart from that, “don’t sweat the small stuff”, as they say. Make that decision, call our number, free yourself from coffee drudgery and hold our hand as we run together through stress-free, caffeinated meadows of joy.