There’s a lovely gastro-pub/bar/deli/fine-dining restaurant opening up tomorrow. The newly recruited staff, standing to attention in freshly ironed aprons, have been trained to degree-level in operating the till system, mixing the perfect martini and smiling to all and sundry. But hey, no-one’s show them how to use that stylish, shiny bit of money-making technology sitting over there – namely, the coffee machine..

Recently commissioned detailed studies have shown the coffee industry to be….huge!  And you want in. Of course you do!


See that pensive, bearded guy in the corner on the Macbook – he’s given you two of his hard-earned quid for a flat white and half an hour of networking.  That little girl is causing chaos with the sugar bowl but Mum’s had a skinny latte and a massive slice of Death by Chocolate – more cash in the till. Is it because of your welcoming smile, industrial lampshades and Ibiza Chill CD? Possibly. But great tasting, well-produced coffee is sure going to help bring ‘em back.

Of course, we know exactly where you can source that great coffee (hint, hint!) But here’s  two words for you folks – training  and consistency.

So many times have we at Stewarts seen a stunning venue open its doors to thirsty punters only for the poor staff to look aghast when a latte pops up on the ticket. Why? Maybe it is presumed that new and even existing staff will be happy to “wing it” on the Wega, “cheat a bit” on the Cimbali, or “fluff it” on the Fracino (these are all types of coffee machine if you’re not familiar).

Take 5 members of staff and ask how they make a coffee and you will often get 5 different answers. Anyone checked the grind and extraction recently? Flushing the machine through before the group head goes in? Pouring water onto the coffee and destroying that golden crema? Purging and wiping the steam wand to avoid that crusty milk stalactite which looks so unappealing? Er – yes, no, maybe..?!


We recently started supplying coffee to a lovely village restaurant who had invested heavily in a smart new coffee machine. Great decision. But no sooner had the supplier of said machine got the pretty lights flashing and the grinder grinding,  then he was out of the door, leaving staff to figure out for themselves what did what. Shame on you Sir!

We at Stewarts find that staff love to learn about coffee – the origin of it, why it’s great, and of course how to produce a good one.  Which is why we offer our customers full staff training – either at your venue or at our roaster, where the waft of freshly roasted beans will get you even more fired up about a proper brew.


Oh, and managers and owners, staff who’ve still got a brown shirt with “Barista” on it stuck at the back of the wardrobe and, yes, even those who don’t like coffee (they do exist!) – please stick around for the training as well. It’s fun and you get to make clanking and hissing noises..!

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