Feed the worms. This is the mantra of The Urban Worm and Stewart’s of Trent Bridge are following suit, we are happy to announce. With our new urban worm farm under development in Radford a steady supply of spent coffee will please our worms very well and will offer a balanced diet in addition to the fruit waste we collect from Southwold Primary School and Radford Soul Food Super Kitchen.

As businesses, individuals and institutions we can make positive changes that shape our world for the better and worm composting is a pretty good step in the right direction, and they are very low maintenance pets.  Worm composting provides the perfect solution for sustainably managing organic waste whilst producing a very high value by product known as vermicompost (worm poop) also referred to as ‘Black Gold’ by farmers and gardeners for its highly concentrated nutritional value and high market value.    Worms are very hungry and can eat up to their body a weight in organic waste, they reduce the volume by 70 %, it is an odourless process and can be done even in a shoe box, perfect for the city!

As an enterprise we convert domestic wheelie bins into worm farms to promote an alternative to sending food waste to landfill which causes significant environmental damage as the green house gases (GHG) emitted from decaying food waste are 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide. 

Building sustainable societies calls for a reorientation to a local, low input and organic food model which nourishes the land and its people, a far cry from our nefarious, globalised industrial system we have now which is not only failing to feed the world it is also hanging together by a very, very fine thread. A system dependent on the excessive use of fossil fuels in a world that is rapidly declining in natural resources doesn’t really stand much of a chance of sustaining itself. 

Thus with the majority of the worlds population living in cities feeding ourselves within the urban environment will be the challenge of our time and paramount to our ability to thrive, but the worms will save us!  Nottingham is leading the way with a strong team of urban worm farmers, we now have 1000’s of worms throughout the city living in converted wheelie bins happily eating their way through our food waste, our streets will soon be paved with ’Black Gold’. 

Drawing parallels with the consumable liquid  ‘Black Gold’ aka coffee we are super excited to be partnering with Stewart’s of Trent Bridge, super good guys who are helping to build a better world.  Feed the worms.

For more info on The Urban Worm visit www.theurbanworm.co.uk