Sorry, I should be more sympathetic to your current situation. Probably, partially hidden under a duvet with a half eaten kebab, glass of water and what remains of your dignity all lying across the floor.

It’s nearly midday and the usual combo of quavers and pepsi max just hasn’t got you going for the day…what can you do? I have the answer. A good old cup of coffee will literally save you – BUT it has to be the right coffee to match your delicate state. Not so bitter, that it churns your delicate stomach, but enough of a kick to get you through the misery of your sorry state.

Coffee 1 – Mexican 

hangover coffee mexican
Mexican Coffee

Mexican coffee is often likened to white wine (sorry please don’t let that remind you of last night)– mild and easy to drink. From the Cerro San Juan volcanic slopes of the west coast, this coffee is shade grown and therefore protected from the harsh sun, and is wet processed, resulting in a cleaner and brighter taste. Mexican coffee from this altitude (SHG – Strictly High Grown) is considered the finest. The 260 growers forming the region’s co-operative tend only small parcels of land, ensuring care and attention of their crop to ensure it is picked for export. This means that while it’s an exclusive coffee to be loved and cared for, it will also love and care you back to full health. Not too fruity and not too bitter, this coffee is a great way to save your day from full disaster

Coffee 2 – The Road Trip

hangover coffee road trip
Road Trip, roasted coffee

This is a clever little coffee. It’s a mix of two different types of Indian coffee, medium roasted so again it won’t blow your head off or your backside off. The special thing about this coffee is that it contains 30% robusta coffee. Robusta is only found in about 30% of coffees worldwide, it has over double the amount of caffeine that it’s sister coffee arabica. Not many roasters use it because if roasted incorrectly it can have some pretty terrible effects on the taste of the coffee.

We have spent a long time getting this one right and making sure that again the coffee is a smooth balance of fruity acidity and typical coffee bitterness through the body. This one is slightly sweeter on the palette so this will help it go down. Think of it as a spoon full of sugar. A spoon full of sugar with enough caffeine to help get you ready to cook the most almighty of roast dinners to banish the hangover forever. Or at least enough to get you to the car and to the closest McDonalds.

Coffee 3 – Java

hangover coffee java
Old Brown Java coffee

This is your high risk, high reward coffee. Full bodied and ready to rumble. If you’re suffering from the lack of sleep over the sheer volume of alcohol you mindlessly put away then this is the one for you. It’s an Indonesian coffee that we have played around with a lot. It’s a beautiful with a proper coffee smell when ground. Large beans that we roast slightly on the darker side. This will give you the bitterness with just a note of acidity that will provide a great resemblance to those that love Italian coffee. Also Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero etc they all roast their coffee super dark and oily – this is the closest in our coffee range you’ll find to that and for good reason. Too dark is no good for your hangover my friend, you need a little bit of rest for your poor taste buds. Who knows where they have been in the last 12 hours!!


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