How to use a what? …..A V60, come on get with it, you must have a v60 sitting alongside your Chemex, Kone, Bee House and Kalita Wave? How else do you ‘pour over’ and make your morning coffee?

Ok, i’m being unfair throwing all these names of different gadgets at you, especially as i’m a big fan of just enjoying my coffee however it gets prepared. But we talked about the Chemex in one of our previous blogs, check it out here:

I thought I would tell you about another contraption you may be interested in, the V60.

This and all the items i mentioned above are ways of brewing coffee using the ‘pour over’ method i.e you pour water over the ground coffee, it passes through and filters into your cup or jug – not too complicated! It’s a quick and easy way to make a good cup of coffee. But also, for the more enthusiastic of you, these have become very popular recently due to the abilities to control every variable in the brewing process – this is where you can get into weighing, measuring and all round experimenting.

The V60 is made by Hario, a cone-shaped dripper with spiral ridges along the inner wall and a single, large opening at the bottom. The design keeps the filter from sticking to the walls of the cone, encouraging extraction at the bottom and sides of the filter. They come in a couple of sizes and in different materials. I do like the smaller model, it fits nicely over your favourite coffee mug!

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The following instructions are based on producing 2 cups of coffee, the ratio of coffee to water is a guide and something you can play around with. Having your own grinder is a big plus, if you don’t, remember that we supply pretty darn fresh coffee to your door!

What you need – 


30g ground coffee

500ml water 


Serving jug (if making 1 cup, you can pour straight into your mug)


  1. Boil the kettle
  2. Measure the coffee (medium/fine grind)
  3. Place filter paper in V60, set on top of your serving jug or mug
  4. Wet Filter Paper with hot water and discard the extra water (this will also warm up your serving jug)
  5. Pour coffee into filter & shake to level grounds
  6. Make a crater in the middle of your coffee
  7. Saturate the grounds with 50ml of water
  8. After the ‘bloom’, continue to slowly spiral pour in remaining 450ml of water
  9. Allow coffee to finish brewing (1-2 minutes) then discard filter (in your compost bin ideally)
  10. Serve & enjoy

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