Welcome to February Coffee of The Month…

We’ve had a Mexican coffee in our ranks for a while now and it’s always been a favourite among those looking for a special coffee.

This month we are returning to Mexico with one of the most popular speciality coffee exports ‘El Jaguar, Siltepec’.

Siltepec is located in the central parts of Chiapas. This speciality coffee comes from the high altitude area of the Sierra Madre which borders the ecological reserve ‘La Bisofera del Truinfo”. Siltepec is a strictly high grown coffee bean which is harvested from December through to March.

It’s another ‘wet processed’ coffee which we covered in the ‘White Ascher from Sumatra’ back in December.

Tasting notes from our roaster are “Notes of cinnamon, caramel, vanilla and tangerine with a brown sugar sweetness. A low roast, brings out the individual notes, you will get more out of this coffee by using a longer brew method like a cafteiere, Chemex or V60. But have a play around and enjoy it.”

This is a wonderfully versatile coffee working beautifully with all types of pour over coffee. The longer brewing allows the rich and unique flavours time to come forward. If you are using an espresso machine this coffee is equally impressive as an espresso where it’s acidity really comes through into the drink.

You could even try to make a “Mexican Coffee”…

What’s a “Mexican Coffee” I hear you ask. Well it’s a perfect dessert or post meal drink.

  1. Brew your espresso or brew a large amount of ground coffee with little water to get a super strong coffee hit.
  2. Add 25ml Tequila
  3. Add 25ml Kahlua
  4. Pour into fancy glass (you know, so it looks cool)
  5. Top with a generous scoop of melted vanilla ice cream and stir


Thanks to everdaydishes.com for the wonderful picture!

If you want to go a step further, some people, some very naughty people, add in a big helping of squirty cream on top! Maybe even some chocolate sauce. Or some vanilla fudge pieces. Or some chocolate shavings.


You get the idea.

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