It’s upgrade time and we are so excited!!

This has certainly been a long time coming for us! We are in the last stages of moving to our new premises at the re-developed Sneinton market area, a stone’s throw away from the city centre.

The area has seen the old permanent market buildings rejuvenated and turned into a very stylish looking space. There are almost 50 different sized units, with one thing in common – all glass fronted, high ceilings with even more glass letting light in and overlooking the avenues and open space between them. It has already attracted various creative businesses, and now we can finally say we are part of the community.

Not only is the move going to give us more room in a, frankly, stunning building, it’s giving us a huge opportunity to create a space for all kinds of coffee lovers.

The plan is to separate the new space into 3 areas – the roasting and packing area, the training kitchen and the office space. The training kitchen will be well equipped with various coffee making facilities and is open to all our commercial customers to use in order to improve and train employees. We also want to open it up to the public and run various training sessions for anybody interested in brew methods or latte art, we may even offer roasting courses.

For those of you that have visited us at the old place and seen the roaster you’ll know that it’s erm…not exactly the smallest thing in the world. So we are going to be placing that in last and to signify the final part of our move to Sneinton.

It’s actually 500kg of iron! No need for gym-based New Year’s resolutions here!

We have been involved with Sneinton Market for a while, through the various events and markets held there as they focus on redeveloping the whole area and we cannot wait to be a focal point of this going forward.

If you find yourself down that way, then please drop by and say hello (once the roaster is in, that is. Getting it in may not bring out our best side!), have a coffee and see what we’ve been up to.

The best thing about all this? It’s only the beginning so if you want to have a finger on the coffee driven pulse of Nottingham then keep an eye out on our social media or sign up to our email list for announcements coming soon (you also get 10% off our online coffee store).