New Year – New Resolution(s)

Sitting with friends having a general conversation about 2016 and plans and resolutions for 2017, one of the group mentioned she wanted to drink better coffee in 2017. Now that’s music to my ears; a couple of suggestions from me regards an awesome Nottingham based coffee roaster that I happen to know and how easy it is to have it delivered fresh etc and said friend may have achieved her resolution in 2017 already – easy!

We all know making promises of ways you’re going to improve yourself is easy and it’s so much harder to follow through, especially for 12 months! I don’t know how many times I’ve declared what change I’m going to make in the next year, my declarations usually start around November as the year is drawing to an end with a fresh, new start on the horizon. If I wrote them down each year they would probably run along the same theme, with a few airy fairy ones thrown in the mix

  1. Spend more time with family & friends
  2. Eat less meat
  3. Enter into a Triathlon
  4. Work less
  5. Drink less alcohol
  6. Learn to fly
  7. Stand for the local council
  8. Do a course on space exploration

I probably make some head way on each one for a short period of time but one usually never foresees their packed daily schedule when making these statements. Maybe that’s the thing, we take the time to look at what we think needs to change in our lives and even if we don’t completely change overnight as the clock strikes midnight, we develop a better understanding  of what we want to improve in our lives. My advice to myself is that reflection is good but my resolutions need to be simpler. This year my new year’s resolution is to – stretch more…

Happy New year