Micro lot – Colombian Elias Roa


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Elias Roa, 
Location: Acevedo, Huila
Farm: Palo Quemado
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1400 masl

This is the first of several micro-lot coffees from Colombia that we will be showcasing over the next few months. With these coffees we have complete traceability back to the farm and to your cup. A Micro-lot means that only a small amount of coffee is harvested each year (about 40 bags) from a particular farm or area. A micro lot also stands for something special, usually a ‘gem’ of a coffee that is limited in supply. This coffee is no exception.

When cupping the final roast, we note how smooth, well-rounded and balanced this coffee is. Mellow flavours such as orange and hazelnut are present.


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