Obvious right? BUT I guarantee you’ve drunk an espresso more times than you think…

Coffee is coffee right? Whether you pick it up at the supermarket or head to your nearest coffee shop?

Well actually…

It all comes from the same place, which is coffee beans, but it all goes through really different processes and when you order your latte or your cappuccino did you know that you are drinking an espresso? Yep…you’ve been drinking espresso for years.

So what actually is it and why is it different from instant or what you make in your cafetiere?

what actually is an espresso

Well for one instant coffee isn’t coffee, it’s coffee with a load of preservatives and other terrible things to help it simply dissolve into the cup.

Cafetiere coffee is roasted coffee beans that have been ground especially to be brewed with hot water for a period of time. Usually quite a coarse (large) grind that allows the coffee to swirl around in the water and usually about 40g of coffee gets used in the cafetiere.

Espresso on the other hand, is a small amount of coffee – typically 15g – that is brewed with hot water that is pumped through with pressure and is ground very fine (small) so that the water has to fight to make it’s way through.

What you are left with is a very intense, shot of coffee.

what actually is an espresso

This can be drunk on it’s own or can be combined with either milk or water to make different drinks. So when you go to the coffee shop, most of the drinks available will be espresso based. You can find out what a latte, cappuccino or a flat white is by heading here 

So the big fancy machines you see are simply that way because they need pump pressure to get the espresso and a steam boiler to steam the milk to make all the different kind of drinks.

You can get machines that do that at home too, you don’t need to go to a coffee shop to get your latte fix anymore!

We love to break down the myths of coffee and get everyone enjoying coffee the way they love it.