You can head to our store and pick from one off bags of coffee, our great range of coffees to be delivered to your door every month or even pick Coffee Lounge to get a brand new coffee each month

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We bring you content from every aspect of our business for both the home coffee user and our commercial partners. We also have guest posts from all across the globe as people welcome us into their world.

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We provide wholesale coffee and complete hot drinks solutions throughout the UK, so whatever you need we have flexible and perfectly suited packages to meet any coffee business needs. Including coffee machines!

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We are a small business based in Nottingham and you can find out more about us, our mission, how we all ended up in the coffee business and more. We keep everyone updated as we grow and learn.

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The Coffee Lounge

The Coffee Lounge

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espresso This Espresso blend has deep aroma with almond, smooth finish.




aeropress  cafetiere  stove top  espresso   Chocolate and nut flavours with a balanced fruity finish.