Do you know how to taste coffee?

If you tuned into our Facebook live last week (which you can watch back here) you will have seen myself and Jacob taste testing our 2 Mexican coffees.

We used these two different coffees as a demonstration of even though they were from the same country that there was a lot of difference in the two just by their regions.

It shows that no two coffees are a like and this is why people end up getting so into coffee. There is just so much to choose from!

In the video we used our Coffee Tasting Guide that we developed for in house testing of our coffees as they are roasted to ensure we maintained our quality. Last year we turned that into a free download for anyone that wanted it to help everyone start finding their own perfect coffee.

You can grab that download here if you are interested in taking your coffee tasting a bit further.

The premise of coffee tasting is simple.

  1. Always use the same amount of coffee and water
  2. Brew the coffee for the same amount of time (3 minutes is pretty good for getting all the flavours out)
  3. Smell the coffee by breaking the crust first
  4. Remove all of the crust from the coffee
  5. Slurp as loudly as possible to show you know what you are doing
  6. Allow the coffee to hit all the parts of your mouth for a fuller flavour

Once you have a good idea of the notes you are picking up (if the Coffee Tasting Guide we break down what smells and tastes to look out for) then write them down and store them somewhere safe.

The whole idea of this is to be able to go on a coffee journey. Find the things that you love. For example it could be that you prefer coffee with more acidity and less body. You can take that simple idea and go buy lots of coffees that you know you’ll definitely like.

I hope you enjoyed the Facebook live, we have some more live tasting sessions coming up with some special guests from around the East Midlands and beyond to give their take on the world of coffee. So if you haven’t yet do go follow us on our social media channels

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