That’s what 1.7 BILLION looks like as a number.

That’s how many cups of coffee the UK Consume each year and it’s growing! We now have influences from global coffee shop culture pouring into London and making it’s way up through the rest of the UK.

Wouldn’t you say that you are a bit fussier about your coffee now?

And now you don’t even have to leave the house to get your morning latte!

So why not go for it and add in a little music and turn making your morning coffee into an event. Get ready to unleash your inner barista, as these tunes turn your kitchen into your favourite indie coffee shop! 

Here are our top Spotify Playlists for creating that wonderful coffee shop atmosphere at home. 

Spotify playlists for coffee shop vibes
This could be your kitchen once you stick one of these mixes on!


1. Coffee Shop by elizabethandharriethttps://open.spotify.com/user/elizabethandharriet/playlist/7sOmUq8iaxiUbyFMAXWHf1

This is one of the first ones that pops up on Spotify expect over 500 songs and 36 hours of music. Ranging from modern day soul songs through to the classics such as Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles.

We think this playlist of classics pairs perfectly with the deep aroma and smooth finish of our Sunset Espresso Blend

2. Coffee Shop by amittenzweyhttps://open.spotify.com/user/amittenzwey/playlist/5NGEYPuKqPkEVAfA238Iid

Mostly hanging around the 70’s and 80’s you can expect a lot of Fleetwood Mac and The Supremes in this 9 hour playlist. However there will be the odd throw in of Bombay Bicycle Club and the likes to add a more modern touch. 

This mix strikes the perfect balance between retro and modern. This makes it a great match for a perfectly balanced espresso blend… check out our Escape Espresso Blend

3. Coffee Shop Playlist by Josephine Leehttps://open.spotify.com/user/1218300333/playlist/2RnuqG7BD04JmWwFFoEVlX

Be prepared for a wet and windy day sat by the window drinking your coffee for this one. Full of slow, beautifully haunting songs from people like Kina Grannis and Norah Jones, this 294 song playlist will keep you warm and smiley throughout.

This perfect is perfect for a wet winters day. Of course you’ll need a dark roast to compliment the atmospheric vibes of this playlist, and there is nothing better for that than our Monsoon Malabar Single Origin  Our darkest roast to date, with its mild acidity and distinctively long finish is perfect to warm you up on a wet and windy day. 


4. Indie Coffee Shop by Maca Samperhttps://open.spotify.com/user/1299738606/playlist/3oLipPo1oeGJC8oRBK4pLx

A very solid mix of 162 songs here.  Expect Passenger, Angus and Julia Stone, The National and London Grammar all on one playlist here. A great, upbeat mix to really add a little jump to your coffee extracting time – you can expect any attempt at latte art to be a bit wobbly.

There’s something for everyone in this playlist, so you’ll be wanting a coffee that everyone can enjoy to match. Our Planadas, Colombian single origin is a Stewarts staple. A failsafe mix of Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Raisin notes; we’re yet to meet a person that doesn’t love this coffee (or this playlist)!


Now its your turn…

We are always looking for our customers to tell us what they are listening to at the moment so please comment below or post to us on social media what you are listening to now and we will look to make a giant playlist for 2016 and see what kind of craziness we end up with.

I am going to be putting all of Gabrielle Aplin’s back catalogue on there for a start!